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Breaded Beef, Pork and Veal

AdvancePierre® Foods is the market leader in providing breaded beef, pork, and veal to the foodservice industry. Our breadth and depth of product is unrivaled.  Operators trust us to deliver great tasting, consistent, quality products to meet their breaded protein menu needs. We offer a full range of quality levels, sizes and flavor profiles to meet any menu application and price point.

Why worry about the mess of a breading station, when AdvancePierre Foods can give you the made-from-scratch experience quickly and easily!

Make from scratch
AdvancePierre Foods breaded proteins
Longer prep and clean up times From freezer to plate in under 5 minutes
Eggs and batter at room temperature for a potentially unsafe amount of time Cook from frozen state, with no thaw time
Storage and handling of a larger number of ingredients Exact number of servings per case
Unused batter, and messy preparation results in waste Use only what is needed, cook-to-order and control costs.
Inconsistent results, ie., heavy or light breading, inconsistent flavor profile Consistent, great tasting product, every time

We offer raw, par-cooked and fully-cooked breaded products to fit your kitchen equipment footprint. If you are looking for a premium offering, AdvancePierre offers choices including Certified Angus Beef, USDA Choice beef, Pork Sirloin and made-from whole muscle veal. At the other end of the price spectrum, we have value proteins that taste great.

As the market leader, look to AdvancePierre Foods for new and interesting breadings and flavors to keep your menu fresh, and drive new business.

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