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AdvancePierre™ Introduces Pork Ribs for the Roller Grill

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

‘Roll’ over, hot dogs – Pork Roller Ribs feature tenderer, meatier texture

CINCINNATI – AdvancePierre™ Foods (APF), an industry leader in supplying quality beef, chicken and pork products with expertise in fully-cooked, seasoned and sauced barbecue rib offerings, is on a roll with the introduction of the BBQ Pork Rib designed for the roller grill.

The new Pork Roller Rib brings the same tender, meaty texture of APF’s well-established Rib-B-Q pork rib patty to the low-maintenance, highly visible roller grill. Infused with APF’s proprietary blend of sweet and tangy barbecue seasonings and juicy sauce, the Pork Roller Rib adds new dimension to roller grill offerings and introduces a new, satisfying source of steady impulse purchases.

“We’ve helped convenience foodservice retailers satisfy hungry customers with ‘crave-able’ barbecue pork products for more than 30 years,” said Tony Schroder, president of convenience channels at APF. “Our new Pork Roller Rib is a step-up from your traditional hot dog and is designed to attract repeat customers while promising grab-and-go convenience and competitive costs.”

The Pork Roller Rib has a 14-day refrigerated, 12-month frozen shelf life. The Pork Roller Rib is available now.

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