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New! Fast Fixin' Sandwich Bar

Friday, March 16, 2012

Fast Fixin' sandwYour business is built on convenience and customer service. Your customers know they can get what they need and be out of your store in minutes. You’ve built your beverage business offering a wide selection of sodas and coffees that consumers can customize and prepare to meet their individual tastes. Isn’t it time your hot sandwich program did the same? Go beyond the roller grill and food cooler to offer hot, fresh sandwich options your customers build and top just the way they want. Stop losing sales to the local drive-through! Now you can offer burgers, barbecue pork, and chicken sandwiches with the Fast Fixin’ Sandwich Bar. Give new meaning to “having it your way” while leveraging your current foodservice and condiment station investments. AdvancePierre Foods Fast Fixin’ Sandwich Bar program comes complete with attention-grabbing point of sale graphics and merchandising materials to draw consumers to the product.

Only From AdvancePierre Foods

Drawing on our unique combination of protein science, manufacturing knowledge, packaging expertise, and industry and consumer insight, AdvancePierre Foods has invested years in the development of the Fast Fixin’ Sandwich bar1 program. Through intense product and equipment design, consumer research and field testing, we have refined a combination of quality meats and packaging that deliver hot, fresh flavor within arm’s reach of your customer – all with minimal employee involvement. AdvancePierre has developed tender, savory sandwich meats that maintain their texture and flavor consistently through up to 4 hours of holding in the Fast Fixin’ Sandwich Bar warmer cabinet. These Fast Fixin’ Sandwich Bar meats come fully cooked and pre-portioned in proprietary, patent-pending, moisture-lock packaging that allows heating and serving without employees ever touching the food. And once the product is sold, simply dispose of the product display tray – no wash sinks needed. Fast Fixin’ Sandwich Bar proteins can be heated in the microwave, conventional, or convection oven, all while staying untouched in the moisture-lock packaging. See our product information page under Convenience and Vending Products for more information!

1 The Fast Fixin’ Sandwich bar is patent-pending

 Fast Fixin’ Sandwich Bar Equipment Options

All Sandwich Bar warmer cabinets come complete with backlit top panel, instruction and product identification magnets, and easy clean display graphics; tempered glass doors; digital temperature controls; stainless steel bottom insert with 3 tray openings and one removable cover (for use when only 2 trays are being warmed); vented stainless steel bottom insert (for use when holding sandwiches and packaged foods); 2 sets of tong holding brackets, tongs, and removable tethers. All bun drawers come complete with shelf enclosure, easy clean display graphics, and removable stainless steel sandwich prep tray. Sneeze Guard attachment and condiment bar options also available. Click here to download PDF of Equipment Options.

The Fast Fixin' Sandwich Bar also comes with a copy of a How-To Training Video. Below you will find links to the individual sections of the video.

 Training video is also available in Spanish.

For more information or questions about the Fast Fixin' Sandwich Bar, contact us at or visit