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AdvancePierre Foods Company History

AdvancePierre® Foods benefits from the rich history and niche expertise of four family-owned and operated food companies joined under the AdvancePierre Foods name.

  • Our story begins with a young Cincinnati lawyer and passionate foodie, Samuel Dinerman. His culinary talents earned him the nickname "Pierre" and when he founded his own business selling frozen food products to restaurants in 1946, he lent it his nickname.
  • Decades later, in 1973, another chapter of the AdvancePierre Foods story was written when Paul Allen and David McLaughlin founded Advance Food Company, an Oklahoma-based manufacturer of hamburger patties and breaded beef. After getting its start supplying local restaurants, grocers and regional foodservice distributors, the company's footprint expanded. In 2001, it joined forces with Excel Specialty Products, a subsidiary of Cargill, to form Advance Brands, LLC.
  • Pierre Foods, Advance Foods and Advance Brands united in 2010 to create AdvancePierre Foods. Their individual storylines were woven together with a common thread: the never-ending pursuit to delight customers. In 2011, the company further deepened its expertise with the purchase of Barber Foods®, a maker of stuffed chicken breasts and other chicken products based in Portland, Maine.
  • In 2015, AdvancePierre Foods further fortified its position as the nation's market leader in sandwiches with the acquisition of the wholesale and manufacturing operations of Landshire, Inc., an Illinois-based maker of sandwiches, and the acquisition of the manufacturing assets of Better Bakery, maker of premium, handcrafted stuffed sandwiches.
  • On July 15, 2016, AdvancePierre Foods Holdings, Inc., began trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol “APFH.” Transitioning from a private company to a public entity marked an exciting and important milestone for the company.
  • Less than three months after going public, AdvancePierre Foods acquired Allied Specialty Foods, strengthening our leadership position in raw Philly steak while providing us entry into the fully cooked offering.

From value-added proteins and breads to sandwich assembly, packaging and nationwide distribution, today's AdvancePierre Foods delivers superior value to customers and quality food experiences for their patrons. We invite our customers to continue crafting the AdvancePierre Foods story through ongoing collaboration and innovation.