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Code of Conduct

AdvancePierre® Foods is committed to promoting the best interests of customers, shareholders and employees through the use of professional, ethical business practices.

All AdvancePierre Foods employees, business partners and vendors are required to act ethically, honestly and in accordance with the law and the AdvancePierre Foods Code of Conduct Policy.

AdvancePierre Foods encourages all employees, vendors and business partners to call our hotline, use our email and/or visit our website to anonymously share any comments or concerns.

Employees note: For complete anonymity, contact the whistleblower hotline outside of the AdvancePierre Foods network or call from outside the AdvancePierre Foods offices.

Code of Conduct Hotline: 1.866.330.2778

English Website: https://www.openboard.info/advancepierrewb/

Spanish Website: https://www.openboard.info/advancepierrewb/es/index_es.cfm

Email: advancepierrewb@openboard.info

Download Code of Conduct (PDF)