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Quality Control & Food Safety

Our Commitment
Quality & Food Safety is our top priority. AdvancePierre Foods has a legacy of delivering safe, quality frozen foods, that are pleasing to our customers. We are constantly working to produce the safest, highest quality food we can by engaging highly skilled associates to design, develop and deliver the best food possible for our customers and consumers. We achieve customer and consumer satisfaction by constantly improving Food Safety, Product Design and Quality programs. We use a team approach in each of these areas because we believe it is the foundation on which we can build lasting success.

At AdvancePierre, food safety is managed using HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) programs. We treat every change to our ingredients, products or processes as a potential food safety risk and we perform a hazard analysis with each change to assure continuing safety. Our manufacturing facilities are certified SQF 2000 – Level 3 from the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI), a globally trusted, recognized and accepted food safety and quality program. SQF 2000 – Level 3 goes beyond assuring food safety by incorporating a quality standard, assuring all customers and consumers that the products they receive are of the highest quality and are produced, handled, prepared and processed while meeting the strictest food safety and quality standards.

Our products meet or exceed customer expectations because they are designed and produced with the customer in mind. Because customer requirements sometimes change, quality standards and procedures are constantly being reviewed to ensure they are up to date. We have a companywide commitment to quality, which is integral to our business culture, and will continue to assure the quality and food safety of our products.