About Us

Company History

AdvancePierre Foods has its roots in three family-owned and -operated companies that delivered safe, quality frozen foods for many decades.

Samuel Dinerman, a young lawyer in Cincinnati, loved to eat and to cook. His culinary talents earned him the nickname "Pierre" and when he founded his own business selling frozen food products to restaurants in 1946, he lent it his nickname.

Founded in 1973 by Paul Allen and David McLaughlin, Advance Food Company started by providing hamburger patties and breaded beef to local grocers and restaurants in Oklahoma. In 2001, a new company was formed when Advance Foods joined forces with Excel Specialty Products, a subsidiary of Cargill, to form Advance Brands, LLC.

In September 2010, Pierre Foods, Inc. merged with Advance Food Company, Inc. and Advance Brands, LLC to create a new, diverse and industry-leading food company focused on meeting and exceeding the needs of customers and consumers throughout the country.

In May 2011, AdvancePierre Foods continued its growth by acquiring Barber Foods, a Portland, Maine-based company which manufactures and distributes stuffed chicken breasts as well as other chicken products.

AdvancePierre Foods